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SyncScribe is a Windows tool for transcribers and translators. SyncScribe saves time when authoring text of time-coded video and audio files with powerful shortcut keys. Order Here.

NEW: Version 3.68 Released.
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Repetitive keystrokes reduced by 90%!

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Easy to use, just hit the shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys will insert text directly into your word processor window.

For example, press the F9 key and have the current position (time) of a video inserted into an Excel spreadsheet.

As another example, press the F1 key to paste a pre-configured "speaker name" and current video's "playing position" into a Word document.

F1     F2              F4    

CTRL + Left              CTRL + RIGHT

Complete list of shortcut keys here.

Many shortcut keys are available but you need only master a few to be effective.

Videos with imbedded ("burnt in" or BITC) time codes can be properly handled using SyncScribe's synchronize feature. Synching an imbedded video timecode explained.

Syncscribe pays for itself quickly for professionals handling video translation and transcription in quantity.

SyncScribe works in tandem with:

Windows Media Player WMP Icon VLC Media Player VLC Icon Media Player Classic MPC Icon

SyncScribe contains no spyware, no ads, and no user tracking.

UPDATE 2016-08-24
Version 3.68 released

SyncScribe is excellent for quickly translating time-coded media files into transcripts.
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