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SyncScribe Overview

  • 30 day trial. Make sure this tool is right for you.

  • Runs on the Windows platform. Windows XP 7_icon through Window 10 8_icon

  • Media can be video or audio. Integrated to work with 3 popular media players:
        Windows Media Player WMP Icon     VLC Media Player VLC Icon     Media Player Classic MPC Icon

  • Work in your favorite word processor - SyncScribe shortcut keys will insert time code and speaker name directly into your word processor window.

  • Shortcut keys save time.
    • F1~F4 keys: Insert time code and speaker name.
    • CTRL + Left and CTRL + RIGHT : Jump back and skip forward in the media (Simulated Foot Pedal).
    • Loop playback using marker shortcuts for sections with poor audio quality.

    Complete listing of shortcut keys here: Reference: Section 18.

  • NEW with Version 3.68 Bind the F11 and F12 keys to common phrases you often insert into your transcription or translation.

  • NEW with Version 3.68 Customize the format of your inserted time code with the various options such as choice of delimiter and enclosing brackets. (ex. colon, underscore, paranthesis, etc...)

  • The more you use, the more valuable time you save. Even with a conservative 3 seconds saved per line of dialogue adds up to over a hour saved in a full working day.

  • Global shortcut keys mean less clicking back and forth between your video player and document.

  • SyncScribe works with any word processing or spreadsheet application. MS Word, MS Excel, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc..

    MSW Icon      MSE Icon      LOC Icon      LOC Icon      OOC Icon      OOC Icon

  • Videos with imbedded ("burnt in" or BITC) time codes can have their time codes correctly inserted into text with the "Time Code Synchronization" feature.

  • Optionally set time code to be inserted a few seconds behind or ahead of current play location. Convenient if your work flow involves pausing video after listening to dialogue for a few seconds.

  • Users of our product include translation professionals registered at popular communities such as and the Japanese Translator Directory Site.
SyncScribe Version Compatibility History
Date: Version: Notes:
2017-03-20 3.68 - Compatibility with new Media Player Classic (MPC) release 1.7.11 confirmed.
2016-08-24 3.68 - NEW F11 and F12 keys allows for "common phrases" to be inserted into text.
- NEW Time Code Format option menu redesigned with added options to allow further customization of inserted time code.
- UPDATE VLC v2.2.4 supported.
2016-03-01 3.67 First Release

SyncScribe is excellent for quickly translating video or audio files into time-coded text.

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